Training & Development

We provide professional training courses for both accountants, non-accountants, data entry clerks and programmers for public and private sector companies to develop the employees’ performance and refine their skills and work to raise their knowledge experiences so that their institutions can grow and expand. These courses are based on an advanced scientific approach, and are held by an elite group of professors and consultants in management sciences and economics. The courses include computer basics, Microsoft Office, the most famous accounting systems in the Arab world, management sciences, warehouse systems and databases. By the end of these courses, the trainers can work more efficiently and professionally on many programs, management systems and accounts that companies need lately. These courses can be used by companies in order to make employees more efficient, as individuals who aspire to work for major companies or government departments can increase their skills through them to get their dream job, in addition to providing consulting to help companies to adopt ERP systems.

Computer’s Fundamentals

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