Financial and ERP Systems

Financial and ERP Systems

This service secures all the requirements for providing financial and administrative programs, human resources systems and ERP systems, which in turn contribute to the promotion and organization of work in large, medium and small companies. These services are summarized

Al-Manara Program for Accounting, Warehouses and Business Solutions (Accounting and warehouses, fixed assets, human resources, industrial costs, hotels and furnished apartments, points of sale, restaurant management, pharmacies, hand-held devices applications, distribution, maintenance and similar workshops management, money exchange and remittances, appointments and work tasks)
Salesforce Customer Relationship Management Program
Nastya Docs Electronic Archiving Program
Programs according to customer requirements that run on cloud or local servers
Contracting, setting up the Blueprint, supervising and providing consulting services for the adoption of ERP systems
API Integration programs that provide linking between systems (determined by the nature of the system)
Providing backup systems for systems and programs
Contracts for development, support and management of all the above programs and contracts for providing comprehensive support

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