Al Manara Accounting and Stores

Al Manara Accounting and Stores

We are the exclusive accredited agent in Iraq for Al Manara for Accounting and Stores which is a comprehensive and integrated computer software for business solutions regarding all the administrative and financial matters. It allows you to accurately follow the daily work flow and progress within the establishment. This software contributes in developing the work of more than 8000 factories, companies and institutions; promoting efficiency to the next levels as it is easy-used, quick and precise while dealing with many networks, has large data-base, controls all work procedures and streams within a given institution. This fully suits the following commercial activities regardless of their volumes:

 Accounting and Stores
 Fixed Assets
 Money Exchange and Transfer
 Restaurant Management
 Manufacture Management
 Distribution Management
 Mechanisms Management
 Point-of-Sale Systems.
 Human Resources Management
 Hotels and Furnished Apartments
 Maintenance Workshops
 Online stores
 Pharmacies
 Handheld device Applications

This software is the professional mean to solve all administrative and financial problems that you face while managing your institution efficiently; thus, bring success and growth. It is just one step far from being aware of all work details is that to connect this software to your system and a printer to obtain invoices, bonds, and detailed reports about the institution, employees and customers.

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