Data center and central servers

We provide all companies and institutions server solutions such as processing, installing, programming for their systems and activating all the Roles of these systems, whether for central servers or terminal servers, during which terminal services solutions are used, in addition to backup systems. Moreover, we set up server rooms or what is known as data center at the highest level to ensure protection and non-disruption of these servers through firewalls applications. In general, these systems help you to host and maintain internal databases of the institution and those of its users while ensuring confidentiality, safety and protection from penetration of this data, with the possibility of providing some special solutions of this service such as the leasing operations of these servers and data center. In addition, they help you to create the Domain Controller, i.e. the ability to assist you in controlling users’ devices through a set of binding authorities and rules known as GPO or the network policies given to users who are registered on the institution’s domain to verify the registrant identity in order to ensure the protection of your server and database.